About Us


We help people manage their finances.


No one should be excluded or punished by the current financial system for not knowing how to navigate it. All this regardless of education level, income, country of origin or native language.


There are 68 million Americans without proper access to financial services. These are the unbanked and underbanked according to an FDIC study. These people chose not to use a bank account for several reasons including overdraft and other abusive fees, as well as minimum balance requirements. For those living from paycheck to paycheck, these requirements are simply not feasible.

After working for years in the financial industry, the founders realized that the people that need the most and have the least financial support were excluded or not considered as valuable customers by the financial industry.


Amandio Sena

Co-Founder/ CEO.

Email: asena@immifinancialsolutions.com

Bruno Coutinho

Co-Founder/ Marketing and Sales Director

Email: bcoutinho@immifinancialsolutions.com