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How to Stay on Track with Leisure Financial Budget

Some of us make almost all the right things when it comes to keeping up with financial planning: Tracking spending closely, avoiding the purchase of unnecessary items and investigating the best deals before shopping. But when it comes to going out with friends or family, we end up spending foolishly, which impacts our financial budget. While some people are “lucky” not to get into credit card debt, others end up falling in the trap because of this mistake.

This situation happens more often than expected. So what can we do to avoid it and stay on track with our financial planning? This article won’t go through the importance of developing a financial plan by listing all our spending in a document and checking what are the expenses that can be reduced and what the budget should be for each item during the month.

There are several ways to avoid spending more than we should on events with friends and family. Some of them might not be easy, such as changing the friends we go out with, or inviting less family members. These actions would potentially help you stay on track with your budget, but they might impact your personal satisfaction and relationship with friends and family. There are other alternatives that can help you control your leisure budget, such as setting up a prepaid card to use it for leisure activities and only loading the budgeted amount for this activity. This could be a way not to spend more than you had planned. Once the loaded funds are used-up, you have the option to decide whether to allocate more funds to leisure activities or find cheaper alternatives that don’t require spending money.

This web site will always encourage you to keep up with your planning. Discipline is key in personal finance, but life is dynamic and sometimes it is difficult to follow a plan strictly. For this reason it is important to find creative and new ways to keep up with planning and preserve your savings. Stay tuned to find more articles about saving and financial planning.

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  • Being able to stick to a budget and within your means is certainly a helpful skill. It takes time to adjust to and learn but definitely helps tons. Some good tips would be to try to carry cash when you go out with your friends, family or for shopping. It helps you keep track of how much you are actually spending. Carrying a card and dumping it all on that is a quick way to lose track of how much you have spent.

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