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10 Common Financial Habits Successful People Have


Time and recently published an article on “10 Common Money Mistakes Successful People Never Make”. We thought it was interesting enough to mention here, but we are going to make it more straightforward:

1 – Don’t forget to invest in yourself

Education or vacation, whatever can be planted today that will bear fruits in the future.

2 – Save for the future

Don’t live completely in the now; instead, think about what you need tomorrow, and make that a priority, too.

3 – The cheapest is not always the best

Invest in the more expensive option if it brings long-term savings.

4 – Live inside your means

Fun night out? Go for it. But if income goes down, you must decrease your spending to meet it.

5 – Don’t spend money you don’t have

If you don’t have money to buy it now, save and wait to buy in the future. Otherwise you end up paying more for it.

6 – Don’t have financial secrets within the family

When secrets abound, it is harder to identify problems. If it is the family’s money, everybody should know what is going on.

7 – Simplify things

Complicated investing or shopping opportunities are not likely to bring a benefit.

8 – Don’t ignore your passions

Pursue what you love, and learn what you love early. If you love your work, you will be able to work more with less suffering (and spend less in leisure).

9 – Consider your budget options

Rich people made riding a bike to work cooler than driving. Get the best out of the labels and spend on things that are important for you, not for the others.

10 – Research and research

You know how hard it was to get the money in the first place, so only spend it when you are sure.

You might already be doing some of these. Just remember that to actually improve your life, you will have to do more. Pick the ones that will be easier to change first.

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